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Adding Google Adsens to your self-hosted WordPress Blog

One of the most common ways to earn some money with your Blog is by using some type of advertising. AdSense is one of those advertising channels, people can by advertising for a certain cost per click (CPC) in Adwords. These ads will then be posted on those sites that have signed up with AdSense. You’ll earn a whopping 69% of the CPC cost. Now, let’s find out how you can start making some money!

  1. Download the Google AdSense Plugin and upload it, or add the Plugin via the search function in your Plugin menu.
  2. Activate the Plugin.
  3. Copy your Publisher code, it’s visible in your Google AdSense account. If you don’t have an AdSense account yet: sign up. This might take some time, Google will have to verify your bank account and your website. You may even get turned down, so make sure your website is decent  looking.
  4. Paste your Publisher code in the Plugin Settings.
  5. Those other settings are dependent on your site. Make sure the ads stand out enough to be noticed, but make sure they don’t break your design.
  6. Save your settings.
  7. Done!

Wait for the money to start rolling in! Good luck.


Adding a Soundcloud to your Self-hosted WordPress site

Soundcloud is begin used by more and more artists to share music with their fans. It’s very easy to add Soundcloud music to a self-hosted WordPress site. This way visitors can listen to music directly from your Blog. Keep on reading to find out how you can add Soundcloud…

  1. Download the Soundcloud Shortcode Plugin to add via FTP or use the search function in the Plugins menu.
  2. Activate the Plugin.
  3. Go to Settings > Soundcloud. Select HTML 5, you don’t want to exclude those Apple users…
  4.  Play around with the other settings, making sure the Plugin doesnt stand out too much.
  5. Head to the page where the Plugin needs to go.
  6. Type soundcloud URL /soundcloud. You need to wrap soundcloud in [ and ], to make a shortcode of it. The URL needs to be the Soundcloud url:
  7. Done!

Enjoy your new music player.